Paypal integration with html form

im trying to integrate paypal in form for payment, when user fill form and click on submit button, they will redirect to paypal payment page with the total amount they enter during form fill up.

as in above picture user fill from with selected price, when user click submit button form will be submitted along with that they redirect to paypal payment page with Total price in paypal payment page.


this $50 will change according to Total price of form… how can i implement this feature with paypal…

Without seeing your code, it’s going to be extremely difficult to tell you what’s going wrong.

simple form as shown above with paypal integration… previous after i but paypal api generate button, when people click on buy button they are send to paypal payment page where amount is predefine


when people click on this buy now button they are send to payment page
where amount is already define.

but now what i want is there is simple form with pricing
as we can see option-1 $ 50, option-2 $100 and so on, at last there total price i want total price data to send over paypal payment page where
$50 will change according to Total price of form. let say if total price is $200 then $50 on paypal will change to $200

i have no idea how to interlink/sync the total price of form with paypal payment Amount

You keep showing us screenshots, not code.

Show me the CODE you’re using to send the amount to paypal. (hide your merchant key, obviously)

we dont have any paypal api code for this project as we are not sure that we can update price dynamically on paypal api, if it is possible then only we will ask for the api with client according… so our query is, is it possible to update price on paypal payment page dynamically , can we pass data to paypal api to change payment amount…
if you have understand our requirement then guide us, we will ask api code according or any dummy code that fulfil the requirement

No you can’t change the price for Paypal after you have requested the payment from PayPal. I see no reason why this should be. You should connect to PayPal when the submit button is send and after that the user should no longer be able to change anything in your form.
All other behavior will open the doors for cheaters…

may im not able explain what we need, here link below wordpress plugin exactly what we need but in php form static website…

when contact form is submitted, the price of form is taken to paypal in this wordpress plugin thats what exactly we are looking with static website… can you guide on this

I’d suggest starting there, and modifying the form and javascript to match your needs.

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