Please help me with this

Please help me with this - I am stuck.

The thing is I have a website which I sell some products on - I have a form for my customers to fill out before they can purchase a product from me. And after they have done filling out the form - they click buy now and be redirected to a Paypal invoice page and after that is when it starts to have a problem.

The information submitted by my customer is not accurate. For example, I have a product option for them and they choose one but Paypal gives me some numbers like 1215 I really don’t know exactly what that is and I don’t want to deliver a wrong product for my customers.

Please help me make something like this:

: A customer has done filling out the form - and click submit - the information sends to my email and he will be redirected to a Paypal invoice page.

Can anyone help me with this please? Anyone?

Thanks in advance. Respect.

I would suggest to hire someone who knows what he’s doing and can implement PayPal checkout for you. I don’t think that when implementing payments there’s a place for experiments and guesswork.
Even if someone would want to help you, you havent provided any code or even a clear, detailed description of the error you receive from PayPal.

Can you provide the HTML form you are submitting to PayPal for us? I’d like to see the markup you have so I can see how it may translate to what PayPal is receiving.