PHP Master

The book assumes that you know a bit about PHP already, but it also seems to make the assumption throughout the book that you also know about apache, pear, pecl, and the command line and so on. The trouble is, you can have an understanding of the former without the latter, especially if you develop on windows.

I am in WAMP.

My questions:

-How do I access the command line to run apache bench (chp4)?
-How do I use Jmeter in windows, if possible (chp4)?
-How do I access PEAR and PECL on windows and use them to install packages (most of the book)?

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In windows 7/vista, hold down shift and right click a folder, then you should have the option ‘open command window here’.
Alternatively, go the start menu and type cmd (then enter) which will open a command line in your user home (you may need to navigate using the cd command)
In windows xp you can get a powertoy from here that will add a right click option

Having said that, I’m of the opinion that rather than using wamp, you’re better off running a linux virtual machine in e.g vmware player, this way your development environment will be closer to your likely deployment environment and you have to the opportunity to learn a bit about linux which is a useful skill to have