AMPPS for developers


After unsuccessfully trying to get PHP on Windows and apache to work together I found this tool known as AMPPS :

Now it helps me install all these scripts like Joomla and Wordpress on the desktop itself so that I can modify and upload later.
Is this a safe tool ?
Its by the Softaculous guys and I have used Softaculous on my shared hosting account at WestHost.

Any opinions is welcome and would like to know if I should still try for another option for php on windows.

Yeah, try XAMPP.

+1 for XAMPP

I gave XAMPP a try as you mentioned and it is similar to AMPPS.
But AMPPS has a better management tool and it allows me to install scripts.
Does XAMPP also allow you to do something similar ?

I gave dropal and zen cart a try and all I did was put the files into the htdocs folder, used phpmyadmin to create the database and then used the install features of the programs.

XAMPP is a fine utility for development on a Windows machine. For production machines (servers) I would still recommend going for a seperate installation of Apache, PHP and MySQL for better maintainability.


Yes, but that is too much work.
With AMPPS I just clicked “Install” after giving the path !
That is kind of cool.
I read that easyPHP also does something similar.
Will checkout. But for the time being AMPPS is a slick utility to install various scripts.
If you know of any more utilities please let me know I would like to give it a try.