Learning PHP, Whats the program for desktop

Hey All,

I am trying to learn php and I know theres a program out there that allows you do see the live version of what your php will look like. If I am not mistaken you use it on your desktop.

Can anyone tell me if one exists and where can I get it from?


Do you mean WAMP ?

(or MAMP or XAMP, depending on which platform you’re using)

Thats the one. I am on Windows 7. So I take it that would work.

Yep that works fine, I use that as well.

One tip, don’t take the 64 bit version, even if you have windows 64 bit. Just take the 32 bit, it’s less buggy and just as fast from what I’ve experienced :slight_smile:

Well I downloaded WAMP but dont have a clue how to set this thing up.

I tried the instructions on this video but they didnt help me in any way.

Any ideas where I can go to try and set this up correct?

Assuming you’ve run the installing, have you started the WAMP server? If WAMP is running there should be an icon in the bottom corner of the task bar (same area where the volume control is displayed), when hovered over with the mouse a tooltip will appear saying “WAMPSERVER - offline” which means that only the computer that WAMP is installed on can currently access it.