Need simple PHP online purchase form

I have a client that sells 1 product online with different variations of that product. I have looked at online shopping carts and they are way too complex for his needs. I already checked in the eCommerce forum and came to the conclusion that a simple PHP online purchase form that feeds to PayPal is the easiest way to go. However, I do not know PHP very well and have been looking online for code that I can tweak the way I need it. To detail what I need…the product is a custom baseball bat that comes in 4 models, has 4 standard sizes with 2 half-sizes, and comes in 4 basic colors with 6 special order colors or combinations of the above for the different parts of the bat. The price is fixed no matter what colors they choose with flat rate shipping but extra for the laser etching that can be done. Not sure if the laser etching is charged by the letter (already sent an email asking this of the client). So I would need an image of the model # and next to that the drop down options for each model. Then the “add to cart” button would take the customer to PayPal. That part is easy. A database is not necessary. Is there someone that can point me in the right direction to find the code that I need or help me write the code myself? I am willing to learn. I would like this code to be able to be used with future eCommerce solutions that sell very few products. I will look into a larger solution when I get that big project! I personally have been looking at Cartweaver for several years since I use Dreamweaver for my sites. I am looking for help as soon as possible since this is the last part of the site that I need to do and I have a deadline to meet. Thanks.

A script that does only one product with the options you want and with no database is hard to find. Nobody will code just for one product I guess. You may need to check on for any solutions. If you cannot find, then you may have to ask a programmer to do it for you. It is not hard.