Displaying number of items in Paypal cart (with link to cart/checkout)

I’m using the paypal created buttons so that people can ‘add to cart’. When people click these buttons they are taken away from the webpage to the paypal cart page.

Is there a way to stop them leaving the site straight away, and instead including some code to display how many items are in there cart on my site?

I guess what I’m trying to do is avoid a lot of the backward and forward that might happen if people add multiple items.

So what I’d like is to display the number of items in the paypal cart, with a link to the cart/checkout page. Users can that way keep adding items (with the change reflect on my site) and when they are done, click the cart link to finalise things on Paypals end.

I’m having a hard time describing what I’m after so I’m not exactly sure I’ve made myself clear. Sorry :blush:

I’m not absoluteky sure but I think you will have to roll your own cart and just do the payment through PayPal.

Hello swollenpickles,

This will do what you are asking for http://www.shopintegrator.com/
It uses your Pay Pal account at the end to finalise the payment but the whole shopping cart before that point replaces the basic Pay Pal cart with a more advanced cart.

You can have it show a running Total of Products in Cart and Total Cost of Cart in your web page so your shoppers do not have to open their cart to see this info as they shop across your store. It also gives you a cart which does not take your shoppers away from your web page and keeps them in your web page when they view their cart instead of opening a new window like the basic Pay Pal cart.

You add it in to your page in a similar way as you put in the original Pay Pal buttons.

Hello, Swollenpickles,

I always thought that the main difference between PayPal ‘Buy now’ and ‘Add to Cart’ is that with the second option customers would stay on your site and would add as many products as required to their cart.

PayPal site mentions this:

Add to Cart" buttons:
Use when you’re selling physical or virtual goods, like Tshirts, music, etc., to encourage the purchase of many items before checkout.
“Buy Now” buttons:
Use when customers will pick only one item from a number of choices, like a basic or a premium spa package, or a 1- or 2-hour consulting package, before they check out.


From the description it seems that Add to Cart button should work according to your needs - it should not redirect customers to PayPal directly, but only add products to the cart, and there should be additional Checkout button that redirects to PayPal already.

Swollenpickles, do you use these Add to Cart buttons? Probably it is worth asking PayPal directly, they offer customized options, so they sure will be able to suggest you the solution (and probably have default one already).