Paypal customization

I am using paypal. i have a requirement that the quantity should be available on website instead of 3rd party website i.e paypal. Given this, i am totally lost on how to do it and how can i pass on the quantity to paypal from text box. can anyone help

Are you referring to hosting the payment form on your own site but using the paypal API on the back-end as the payment gateway? If so that is referred to as Direct Payment last time checked. However, I believe that is a paid service. Additionally, I *think Paypal requires that you implement Express Payment when using Direct Payment.

I have the advance paypal account.Bye default what paypal do is when you click buy takes me to a checkout page where i can put quantity. But i want that quantity text box on my site.Suppose when someone enter a right value and click buy now they are taken to checkout page with same quantity.Same if they don’t enter any prompt for error

In my PP form I have the following line - hope it’s of help

print("<input type=\\"hidden\\" name=\\"edit_quantity\\" value=\\"1\\" size=\\"20\\">");

that will print the value of quantity if my php is correct :slight_smile: but i need that selected quantity to pass on when a person click buy now button to PP site.

Can you provide the form you use to show the buy now button?

Just regular paypal button code. nothing fancy, still want the form code or website url?

Also just found this site

It mentions you may be able to create a drop down with the name “undefined_quantity” for your Buy Now button to use to select the quantity to send to PayPal.

The PHP code is not relevant. Sorry, I should have posted the input line only :-

<input type="hidden" name="edit_quantity" value="1" size="20">

should i be pasting it in the button code i got form PP. what will it do?send quantity variable to PP site?

You would want to do it as a drop down or a text box (your choice), but something like so

Quantity <input type="text" name="edit_quantity" value="1" />

or a drop down

Quantity <select name="edit_quantity"><option value="1">1</option><option value="2">2</option><option value="3">3</option><option value="4">4</option><option value="5">5</option></select>

Place either of those in your <form> tags and it should send the quantity to PayPal, if it doesn’t. Replace “edit_quantity” with “undefined_quantity”

Whatever the amount is. when i click the buy now button i am taken on PP website and there the quantity remain same and the price too

I found solution to my own problem. so just sharing for FYI if anyone needs help.