Photoshop rounded corner shapes question

i’m doing some interface design in photoshop - and have a (hopefully) simple question. how do i modify the length of rounded corner shapes (paths) and maintain the rounded corner ratio? i think i’ve been using illustrator too much recently, and forgot how to do it in photoshop!

the context: i’m using paths/shapes, created with the rounded corner tool for a fairly complex UI dashboard. Each path has some farily complex layer styles added to it - so i need to be able to change the length of the shape (a button), yet maintain its corner shapes when extending or contracting the shape!

whats the trick?


I’d use vector shapes for rounded corner rectangles and stretch them using the “white arrow” tool.

Here’s step-by-step:

  1. Select Direct Selection Tool
  2. Hold shift and select all path points that need to move (4 in case you want to scale it in either way while keeping corner proportions).
  3. Use Transform scale or move tools to adjust the size as needed.

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

As M_wb360 pointed out, holding Shift while you resize the path will keep the same proportions, but your corner is also scaled up/down accordingly. As far as I know, there is no way to keep the same corner radius measurements when you resize or reshape a path in Photoshop, other than redrawing it.

I hate it when I go back to Photoshop and start looking for the Convert to Shape tool (which it doesn’t have) or can’t remember how to make masking work because it’s so much easier with Illustrator, lol.

Of course, I’m using CS3… I know Photoshop CS4 Extended has some new features taken from Illustrator like the 3D effects, maybe it also has Convert to Shape or nicer vector handling? (That would be sweet if it does, but I haven’t tried it for myself yet.)

huit, the corner radius will not change if you select 4 path points that comprise 2 corners of a rectangular shape that you will drag with shift down. It will work :slight_smile:

Ahh, I see. I didn’t even know you could do that, though it makes sense. :stuck_out_tongue: But it only works on one axis at a time, so you’d have to do the sizing twice and be extremely careful if you want to keep the original proportions in addition to the corner radius (ack!). On the other hand, Illustrator does all the dirty work for you, lol.