Making some path static when transforming shapes in Photoshop / Illustrator

So I have this shape that I want to resize with the transform function. I just want to make the graphic taller but I want the base to be as it is, I tried in illustrator and photoshop, I have seen the curve at the base changes when I try to make the graphic taller, how can I force the base to be as it is and not to change when I’m making the graphic taller with transform function?


In Illustrator, you can use the white arrow rather than the black arrow (sorry, don’t remember the tool names). Click a corner with the right arrow, and you can adjust that anchor point only—in this case, pull it further up. Then do the same on the other side. (Perhaps a clunky solution, but that’s often what I do.)

In Photoshop, is it a smart object or is it rasterized? If it’s rasterized, you can select just the top half with your “marquee” tool and transform that. Or clone that section and move it up. If it’s a smart object and you want to preserve it, you will have to edit the original.

Thanks guys both solutions are great, but the marquee one blown my mind! Thanks again guys!

black arrow = vector selection tool
White arrow = Direct selection tool