Rounded border in Photoshop?

I tried creating a rounded border in Photoshop by making a selection and do “Edit -> Stroke -> 1px -> Normal blend -> 100% opacity” and this is what came out.

See how I can see the pixels in the border? I want it smoother. In Fireworks, I can anti-alias this and it looks smooth. How to do the same in Photoshop?

er i think its because photoshop is not a vector based program. However that rounded corner looks way nasty…what are you making the selection from? Maybe try use the rounded corner rectangle tool set to paths and then stroke the path?

Try using Layer->Layer Style->Stroke instead.

I did a workaround in PS. The rounded rectangle shape makes steps for me as well.

• Select in the shape tool the full circle. Then run a tangent of 90º into both directions to create a corner.
• Select with the marquee set to circle until the width of the standing line will be the same as the straight lines. You can adjust the selection a pixel at a time in Select > Modify > Expand or Contract. Delete. With marquee set on rectangle, select and delete the rest of the circle that will be standing on the inside. Now you have a very clean rounded corner. Do this for all four corners by multiplying this and flipping until you have a perfect rectangle with rounded corners.

In graphic design, when you have a large rounded corner, the connecting straight line tends to look concave. There is only one solution to fool the eye into thinking that this straight line connects in a straight line: you have to curve the line and create a convex line for it to appear perfectly straight. Old trick in car design.

Didn’t want to create a new thread, but I have a question about rounded rectangles in Photoshop.

Once I have created the shape, how do I adjust the roundness of the corners without recreating the shape?

If you go into the vector point selection tool, you can select either of the two points on either corner and move them around or change their extension.

Photoshop handles vectors very well, I’m just suprised that many people seem to overlook this fact.

So there isn’t an easy way to just enter a new value like you do when you create a new shape?

Also if I have already laid down a rounded rectangle and then I want to overlay one on top, how do I find out what the round corner value is of the existing shape so I can match it with the new one?

One way to make a rounded border is to use the rounded rectangle tool, then control click the layer, new layer, stroke.

You can use the measure tool to measure how many pixels the edges are rounded. Zoom in on a corner, select the measure tool, click on the farthest point where a pixel would be if it was not a rounded corner, measure to the first solid pixel (of the color you used). If you can not find the farthest pixel point where the a pixel would be if it was not a rounded corner, then create a new layer, and use the selection tool to make a new stroke border to put a temporary pixel there.