Photoshop CS 5.5 Question - History / Snapshots

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Is there a way to save different versions of a file within one photoshop file. For example. I am making updates to a particular image and have version 1 (specific spot in history) version 2 (many actions later) and so on and so forth.

What I’ve been doing is just saving different photoshop files as “filename-v1”, “filename-v2”, etc.

Is there a way to do this without being so “file intensive”? I want to accomplish the same thing with one file instead of 30.

Best >> David

One thing I do is go to the layers palette and duplicate the layer (the original layer has many grouped sub layers). Then I hide the original layer and make new changes in the new, duplicated layer. That way, you can keep all versions of the document in one file.

Actually, yes/no.

You cant actually save DIFFERENT files, however you can show different “enabled visible layers” kinda a clumsy way of expressing it. The actual term for this is “Layer Comps” So you do ALL your work in ONE file, with ALL layers present, but you can switch to a specific set of layers visible in “one” click by making a layer comp.

Keep in mind the # of layers in your palette will remain the same , ect so this may not save you time when hunting for layers to make changes to, etc, and it’s not saving a history( unless you duplicate the layer and hide the copy each time you start to make a change) . I would imagine the file size would be horrendous… even the history palette is limited to a specific # of undos for this reason , mostly I would just recommended versioning at key point with Save As.