Inkscape: Format to keep project work?

(Pardon me for not using the proper terminology!)

I spent an enormous amount of time this winter creating a sprite, and now when I go into it, all I see is a super tiny final image and I have no way of knowing how I created it?! :frowning:

Moving forward, how can I save my work so I can see all of the steps I took and not lose anything?



You need to use a Source Control Management system.

If you will pardon the shameless self-promotion, this may be helpful to you.

As a developer, I use git constantly for many, many things. But recently there have been a few services popping up that allow writers to leverage the benefits of Source Control.
Two I have tried are Beegit and Draft.

Interesting link, but not what I was asking about.

In things like Photoshop, you want to save things as a .psd file so that you don’t lose layers and what-not.

I assume Inkscape has a similar concept?

When I did my sprite in January, I saved things as a .svg, and as far as I can see, it collapsed all of my work into a static image.

For example, I created a 3 star sprite, and I want to be able to go back into whatever file and move those stars, resize them, change the page size, etc.

I don’t think I can go back after saving as a .svg - then again I could be wrong.

Make sense?