How to save multiple images in photoshop with a click?

I’ve tried to save multiple images in photoshop cs2, I have to save them one by one (bad because I’ve lots of them, I used the automation and actions to do some work on them, now I need to save them all) …

I know that feature - saving multiple images - has been available since version 7.0 but I never know about using it! Do I’ve to use actions for saving my images (Not layers, just files)? :slight_smile:

Thank you

I recorded a save in the action, checked the option to suppress saving dialogue … now it works :wink:

Hi TriGeminal, isn’t it funny how it works. After ripping your hair out for a while just looking around does the trick very often. It seems like you just overlook a little thing and you are convinced that it is hopeless. Gosh, have I bleeped this PS, but of course it is always right - Datura