Photo Challenge May 2017 - Ruins, Remnants and Remains

The theme for this month is Ruins, Remnants and Remains, so if you have photographs which fit that description, this is the place to post them!

The only rules for posting pictures are:

  • They must be on the specified theme
  • They must be your own pictures.

There are no prizes; this is just for fun. If you don’t take photos yourself, or don’t have anything suitable to post, then please join in by “voting” for your favourite picture(s) using the “like” button.

This is a (slightly squinty ) picture of Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness.


I should have a few on this subject.
To start with, some wrecks found in Old Mill Creek, near Dartmouth in Devon. Thought I think these vessels were abandoned rather than shipwrecked.
I like the symmetry of the reflection in this one and how the fallen tree branches entangle with the wreck.
Nearby fallen tree.
A sunk yacht with the tender still afloat.
This is a sunken concrete lighter. It was used to carry water supplies in the second World War. In the background “Hermitage Castle”. Not really a hermitage or a castle, but a folly, used for bathing by ladies in the nineteenth century.


The remains of a neolithic burial chamber and stone circle at Kilmartin, Argyll.


Not many takers for this topic yet.
Here is another series of photos with ruins of buildings. This time coming from Galicia in the North West of Spain, more specifically the Riberia Sacra, a picturesque wine producing area on the shores of the rivers Miño and Sil.

These two are an old wine cellar, the walls are very thick.

The next three are another abandoned building I found on a valley side while walking.
Many of these places were abandoned during Franco’s rule and the vineyards became overgrown with forest.
This is another abandoned vineyard building which in on the trail to Castro de Marce, which is the site of an old fort, perched high on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Río Miño. There is not much of the fort to be seen today, you may spot some stonework right of centre in this picture.
To get on top of the site at the end of the outcrop means clambering along a scary rock ledge, but is worth it for the vista you get at the end.

Need to go panoramic
I have loads of these…


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