Photo Challenge January 2019 - Still Waters

It’s been a while since we had a “photo challenge” thread, so I decided it would be a good way to start the year.

The theme for the month is still waters. That can be anything from a lake to a puddle, as long as it fits the description of “still”. The only rules for posting pictures are:

  • They must be on the specified theme
  • They must be your own pictures.

There are no prizes; this is just for fun. If you don’t take photos yourself, or don’t have anything suitable to post, then please join in by “voting” for your favourite picture(s) using the “like” button.


To get us started, here’s a photo of a lock on the Caledonian Canal.


I had to go back away for this and it is on our local business park. The trees have all grown and we do not get the same result now as they hide the sunset.


Nice composition @TechnoBear although a shame about the bollard in the foreground - my personal opinion.



Can it be of a frozen lake? :slight_smile:

Is that “still water”, or is it ice? :thinking:

Just use your own judgement - it’s only for fun. smile

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Then here is one of my favorite ones. I took this summer of 2018 (last year).


On holiday in Canada in 2017. IIRC it was at Lizard Lake which is a pretty big lake, but there was absolutely no one there except for us, which was an interesting experience. If that lake were in the Netherlands it would be absolutely swamped with people :slight_smile:


Photo challenge! A blast from the past…have to see what I can dig up :smiley:


Don’t think we went to Lizard lake but we stopped over in Sleeping giant about 10 years ago on a roadtrip from toronto to vancouver. It’s such a lovely place and as you say pretty quite in most places (well we were just before the tourist season in late april). Will have to trawl through some of my photos now :slight_smile:

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A couple of pictures of the River Clyde in Glasgow, from last January:


Those look extremely gorgeous. Holy wow.

The Humber Estuary looking uncharactaristically still. February 2013.


Crappy phone pics, but…

I took this before the evening light show at Animal Kingdom in November of 2017

Same show and a little fuzzy but I liked the effect

And not still (the ripples are from the boats in the show) but still one of my favorite pics of that show.


Yangshuo Silver Cave near Guilin, China (December 2018)
These are lit by coloured floodlights - few rocks showed any actual colours. All the same, the effects are really striking.


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