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i have store lots of data inside my pen drive and its not opening, instead showing me to format the drive. But i wont do it my data will be loss after formatting it. so how to open the pendrive without formatting i want my all data,kindly suggest.

First, it would be interesting if you copied the files in a computer with any kind of encryption applied. Because if that’s the case, the only computer that may recognize it will be that one.

If you have a chance to use other computer, then try that. If that doesn’t work ,try to use another computer with another OS (if you’re using Windows 7, Windows XP or linux should do)

If that doesn’t work, use Recuva or another software for file recovery.

i got virus infected my external hard disk, even after scan with antivirus, virus hid my all data its not showing at my hard disk…spaced is showing allocated data. which i have stored…
and also my pendrive asking me to format and my data were stored in it…even after i scan i cant open it…kindly suggest me i have important data to recover from boths of disk.

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You may try to open your pen drive /external hard disk as a portable disk by clicking right mouse on your disk drive and click open as a portable drive. It may open in a new window. You should always try to open every folder by clicking right mouse and then click Open. Do not click directly the folder to open it.

This is the first I’ve heard this.

What’s the difference between double-click opening and right-click open?

Don’t worry, you can recover the data after formatting the pen drive by making use of a recovery application <snip>. Just make sure you don’t write any new data to it since it results in overwrite and your data cannot be recovered. Hope I answered your question…