Need to Recover Data from Corrupted Pen Drive

hello friends,
On Saturday my son deleted my important files from sandisk 16 GB pen drive, on various search on internet i used a Pen drive data recovery software It worked well recovered 25 items but do not allow me to save the data, i used free version of the tool. any one please help me.

The software you used says quite clearly that the “free trial” will only allow you to preview the files.

It seems your options are either to pay for a licence, or look elsewhere for a free alternative. I suppose it all boils down to just how “important” those files are.

Actually, I’ve had a closer look at the site you mentioned, and my advice would be to have nothing to do with them, and certainly not to pay them any money. For a start, they’re showing a fake “McAfee SECURE” seal, and (as far as I can tell) their “Norton Secured” seal is also fake.

The site is related to at least two others which have poor WOT ratings for this same practice, among other things.

If you value these files, find a reputable company to deal with.


I use recuva. It is free and normally does the job


molona as you suggested i used it but it did not recovered my data. also its price is high i want Free or low price software.

If recuva didn’t work then you should forget about it and count the experience as a lesson learned to save backups in the future.

You certainly don’t want to use dubious software that will cause other problems for you and still not do the job.


£19.95 doesn’t seem high at all to me (certainly much cheaper than the dubious site in your first post), but as I said before, I suppose it depends on how important you feel those files really are…

You could look at other suggestions here, but as @Mittineague says, do ensure you only download files from reputable sites.

I have “TestDisk” with its companion “PhotoRec” for pen drives on my system, it can find even permanently deleted files without the filenames, searching for the file format header:

You can find more useful recovery tools on the “Hiren’s Boot CD” website:

A more advanced option is to use a forensic tool like CAINE (ComputerAidedINvestigativeEnvironment) burned to a CD:

All those are free to use.


I use Hetman Partition Recovery, work very well

Looks like that is a very expensive suit with standard options. The demos don’t allow you to save anything.

I can understand why you choose it, but that was not what the OP wanted.