I really need some help. When we try and put a pdf on an intranet site the links within the pdf are not working - do u have any ideas as to why it isn’t working?


Very possibibly because you can’t link to the pages inside one PDF from an HTML document. You can link to a PDF document but not to a page inside it. So either you divide the document into mulitple PDFs (one per page) or you create an HTML version of it :wink:

Or do you mean that the links in the PDF to external sites are not working? Maybe there’s a firewall or something preventing external surfing? Perhaps a bit more info needed.

When you say “not working”, do you mean that they aren’t showing as clickable links at all, or that they are not able to load the page you want? In the PDF, have you written out the full URL as text, or is it more of a Click here setup?

I have a big word document with many links, pressing on the link will take us directly to a page. I am trying to put that word doc to my intranet website but its not opening for some reason. So i converted it a pdf document and uploaded into the intranet. ITs opening now but the links in the page doesnt point to the respective pages. Can you suggest me how I need to upload the big word document to my intranet website?

It is a click here set up only the link doesnt work

Just to clarify, how does it appear in the original Word document? I didn’t think you could have linked text like that in Word, but I only use an old version, so it may have evolved since then.

I have a vague memory of converting files to PDF that there’s an option to preserve links, but this may be a different ball game if you can have link text like that in Word.

[edit]O wow, I just checked Word and learned how to insert a hyperlink! Can’t believe I’ve never noticed that before. As you say, though, once converted to PDF it’s no longer a link.

I tried an experiment that worked, though. I first saved the Word doc as a web page, and then converted that to PDF, which preserved the links. You will probably have other formatting issues, though, but still, worth a try. :slight_smile: [/edit]

Are u using 2003 word ?

No. See my edit. :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

Probably it meant that and I’ve read whatever I wanted… Apologies for that

You will have to convert the word document to html, this is the proper way to do it. There are lots of converters out there, but i believe you can do it manually, not sure as i didn`t do that, but maybe you could save as .rtf then import to Dreamweaver. But again, not sure. Your best bet is the converters from doc to html. Good luck.


[font=verdana]@ralph_m, Word has supported hyperlinks since at least '97, if not before!

In Word 2007 and more recent, there’s a native “Save as PDF” option, which preserves hyperlinks even when the URL is not visible.

If you’re using CutePDF or other types of converter that require you to “print” to create the PDF, hyperlinks will not be retained, but just the formatting so that it looks like they are.

Any time you give a URL or email address in the text – no matter whether it was hyperlinked in the original or what formatting you’ve used – Adobe Reader will convert it to a clickable link when someone opens the document. That doesn’t mean the hyperlink is saved in the document, but just that it recognises what links look like.

If you don’t want to pay for Word 2007/2010, the free alternative OpenOffice has an “Export to PDF” function, which does retain hyperlinks even when the URL is not visible, so that might be an option worth looking into.[/font]

@Stevie_D; Yeah, I know raw hyperlinks work in Word and work in PDF. I think the OP is turning text into a hyperlink in word, though, so the URL is not seen as such (like link text on the web)—and links of this kind seem not to be seen as links once the file is saved to PDF. That’s why we are suggesting the OP save this as a web page first, as that path seems to work. (Unless I’m still missing sommat. :slight_smile: )

Yes, I know – that’s what I meant by “not visible” in my post above – and in both Word 2007+ and OpenOffice 3+, hyperlinks in this format are retained if you use the native PDF converter.

Hm, I have Word 2008 for Mac, and Word’s Save As … > PDF doesn’t preserve the link as a link. Must be different from Windows in that respect. (I barely recognise Word on Windows, so that isn’t a surprise …)

I guess so, I’ve only ever used it in Windows.