Link to certain page in PDF doc

If you create an HTML link to another HTML page, you can link to a particular place on that page by using an anchor. In this case, I will be linking to a 16-page PDF. When users open the link in IE 6 or Firefox 3, the browser opens it for them and they can view it in the browser.

Of course, this opens the file up in Page 1. Is there a way to code the link so that it opens the PDF file to, say, page 7?


Out of interest, why do you need to do this?

I am working on an Intranet at a large company, and we have an online magazine for employees. The boss of a certain department wanted to link to a certain article from his department’s home page.

The best thing to do if you’re going to link to the article is to put a Web page version of the article on the site. Failing that, extract the article from the PDF and create a separate PDF file for that article.

Does linking to filename.pdf#page=7
not work?

No, because a PDF file does not operate under HTML parameters. Adobe Reader (or FoxIt, or whatever PDF reader you use), opens PDF files in a separate window of your browser (or standalone). PDF and HTML files are apples and oranges.

There is a way to do it provided that you are running a recent version of Acrobat and have defined the appropriate points in the document where you want to open to. I can’t remember the exact details as I was investigating how to do it about a year ago and the version of Acrobat that we had available was 6 and the earliest version to support this was 7. The terminology is somewhat different from the web terminology for the same thing but if you search the Acrobat help you should be able to find the instructions on how to set it up.

Stephen, this is interesting and potentially quite useful…though all the users with versions of Acrobat earlier than 7, and non-Adobe users, would be left behind. :frowning:

Here it is for anyone interested:

Link from an HTML page to a specific page in PDF file .

Looks fairly standard from what I can see, very similar technique to using named anchors in HTML files. Useful to know though.

Only works for Acrobat 7x, so I presume any versions prior to this will just default to the 1st page… can’t confirm this though.

It would work, if the pdf document would be opened within the browser. I tested this method some time ago. But today most browsers open the pdf’s with acrobat reader - and there ends the power of our html :wink:



Does this hold true even if you follow the linking instructions direct from Adobe? (Linked above my Acquiesce.)

Hi Perfectionist121!
Your right, unfortunately the new browsers doesn’t listen anymore to that commands.
It’s really a good time ago that I tested these functions, they worked all (page, pagemode, toolbar and so on). But now… :frowning:
But I didn’t try out the anchor like described by Adobe. Did anyone else?