PDF won't display online

Does anyone know if using tables in a doc will cause it not to display online when saved as a PDF?

It opens on the computer but not when I upload it to a website. Other pdf’s are OK on site. The client wants it as a pdf. I have read all the troubleshooting stuff but not about to experiment with all my settings on account of one document not displaying correctly.


You might need to give some more information. Once saved as a PDF, a document is pretty bulletproof. Is the PDF meant to open via a link? If so, what happens when you click it? Are you sure the file path is OK?

Thanks Ralph

Yes, I mean a pdf is a pdf - I’ve never had an issue with them before. The path is OK as the link opens as if it is going to work, but the result is an empty white box. The pdf opens, but it is blank. I can’t see that it is any different to any other pdf except the word doc in question from which it came, is a text doc containing a table sent to me by the client. I put up the word doc instead so at least it is on the site but the client wants a pdf!

There seem to be lots of results for this question in Google, though I didn’t see any that seemed to answer this exact situation. I would suggest trying a few things:

  • upload the file again
  • make sure the file has fonts/images embedded
  • perhaps try saving the file optimized for the web (as the file size might be too bit and choking the browser.

Thanks Ralph - yes, have Googled it myself to no avail.

No images.How do I make sure the fonts are embedded?


You can view all of the settings as you are creating the PDF (assuming you are doing it in Acrobat). But this is probably a red herring. I’m not that savvy regarding PDF creation, but a few times I didn’t have fonts embedded and the receiving users didn’t have that font on their own computer so saw different fonts. But I doubt that’s an issue here. I’d say try the option to save the PDF for optimized web viewing (a much smaller file) and see if that helps. What is the size of the file? I’ve occasionally had problems with PDF display when the file was too large. (Mind you, I haven’t done much with PDFs for years. I’m just throwing around suggestions here until someone who knows something steps in!)

Thanks Ralph - finally managed to get it done. I started over and did it again and now it works. Why it didn’t yesterday I have no idea! Thanks for the help!

Ha ha, cool, it just happens sometimes. Always worth resaving to PDF just to make sure. :slight_smile:

When I click on a .pdf file online it won’t show the file, but show’s a graphic similar to a broken graphic link. If I right click and download the file I can easily

Problem solved.

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