Seeking PDF Software

So not sure if this is the right forum, but here’s what I need…

I am trying to find a relatively cheap piece of software that will take the hyper links from Word & put them into the PDF it creates. I heard that Word 2010 will do that (create the PDF along with the URLs), but after reading the reviews on 2010, I ain’t buying it.

So far the only software that will do this is Adobe & I’m not spending almost $300 just to create PDFs that have links in them.

As for Nitro, they have poor customer service (read Amazon reviews) & I left them a VM message (what kind of company doesn’t answer the phone, I didn’t realize it was a one man operation) & never received a response back. Also I see a lot of the same complaint which probably hasn’t been addressed.

The other one called Nuance also has poor customer service.

Doesn’t anyone make a reliable piece of software out there that has good customer service & is $50 or less? Geeze.



I’m not entirely sure I’ve understood the question, but if I have, then is the answer. :slight_smile:

I also feel the question needs clarifying, especially when you say “take the hyper links from Word & put them into the PDF it creates”.

Do you simply want to convert a Word document to a PDF, and for that document to include clickable hyperlinks? If so, then surely any competent PDF driver would do that. There are dozens of cheap and free PDF drivers around. I’m sure you can find one that suits your needs. (Note that this is not the same as PDF conversion software. I’m talking about a tool that stands in for a printer driver, so that you “print” the Word document, but you send it to the driver rather than a physical printer.)

Or maybe you mean that you want to gather up all the links, and place these in a new PDF file? If so, then one solution would be to create a Word macro to do that. The macro would search for each hyperlink in turn, copy it to a new document, and print that document to the PDF driver. You could probably do this by recording a macro, rather than programming it from scratch.

If neither of those scenarios is what you need, perhaps you could clarify your question.


Hi Mike,

This is what I want & I thought installing the software & having it go through the printer settings was PDF conversion software. I guess it’s not.

As for any cheap software doing this, it doesn’t, that’s why I’m here. :slight_smile:

Bear as for OO, I’m not looking to replace Word to OO, so unless it’s a PDF convertor, driver, whatever that will do what I need, I wouldn’t be interested in that.



It has an in-built Export as PDF function, which retains hyperlinks as clickable links in the resulting PDF. I thought that was what you were looking for?

I am, but I thought you wanted me to replace Word. Won’t this conflict with Word?


I don’t want you to do anything. :slight_smile:

No, not at all. There’s no reason why you can’t have both installed. Just leave Word set as your default programme and use only when you need the PDF function. You can open Word documents in OOo (it doesn’t work the other way round), so it will work with any existing files you have.

Ok, & will it ask me if I want to make OO my default program so I can say no?

I didn’t realize it was also a stand alone PDF convertor.

Thanks, off to run errands :slight_smile:


I can’t remember off-hand, but it won’t change your defaults without asking. In other words, if it doesn’t ask at install time, you don’t need to worry.

Word will continue to be your default program for opening DOC, DOCX and similar files. Nothing will change in that regard. To open these files in Open Office, you will either have to open OO itself, then open the required document, or right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and choose Open With.

If, for any reason, OO does take over as the default program, that’s easy to fix. Just let us know and someone here will talk you through the steps.


Mirror PDF has been great for me!

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For a while now I’ve used an app called PDFCreator, files to be converted are “printed” to it and the resulting pdfs the links are clickable. It didn’t cost me anything and it does what I need of it. You just use whatever app you normally use to create a document ie word, excel, etc and go through the print dialogue selecting PDFCreator as the printer to use

Hi Mike,

Ok, I got that all installed (huge program), but how do I get it into my print area?

If this doesn’t work guys, I’ll look into the 2 you recommended.


Michelle :slight_smile:

Hopefully @Mikl will understand that question better than I do and be able to answer it for you. :slight_smile:

If you open the document you want to use in Open Office Text (right-click the document and choose “Open with…”), then you only need to click the PDF icon on the toolbar to export the document in PDF format. If you want more options, then you can use the File menu.

Mich you could have also looked at the Portable Application version of LibreOffice essentially an OpenOffice (fork). That certainly wouldn’t take control of settings if you use the portable app. version. All you’d need to in is click’ Export to PDF’ from the File menu when your Word document is opened within LibreOffice Writer.

Ok, did that, but the program isn’t showing up in the list & then when I went to browse & found it, I didn’t know what to click, so I clicked on “quickstart”, but that’s not doing anything (not opening the file). Why won’t it show up in the list of programs the file can open with?

I thought it was b/c I hadn’t opened the program yet, so I did that, got to the end of where they want you to register & yet still no show.



That I don’t know. Which OS are you using?

When you browse to find the programme, choose “Open Office Writer”, or (if that doesn’t appear) just “Open Office”. Failing that, you can open Open Office Writer, then open the file you want from within that.