PayPal configuration issue - making credit card as default option

How can I configure paypal form as the reversed way as in the attachment? It should open the credit/debit card form in the first option.And close the paypal login in the second option.

A lot of customers might not have paypal account, but credit card. While, our payment processor is paypal.

It is probably only able to be set that way around because there are only a few countries where buyers can use a credit card without having it linked to their own Paypal account (the only country I know of where buyers can do that it the USA but there may be a couple of others - it certainly isn’t widespread). In most countries the only way to buy through Paypal using a credit card is by linking the card to your own Paypal account and making the payment through Paypal.

falgall is right it depends on your location. I’m from UK and when i setup paypal account on website it give both options …

Ok. My concern is to make the credit card payment option active and appear in point #1.
Then, paypal account in #2.