Paypal payment for digital product

Hi Gurus,

I have 3 questions about payment:

1:) How to display to the customer with credit card payment option only, without paypal account option at all? The Paypal payment interface has credit card option too samll & hard to find, and the interface changes all the time.

2:) Does paypal payment page have different language interface? How to reach that page after “Buy now” clicked?

3:) I bought a few PDF books here, my question is how the download email was sent? Any protection from other people’s ( non-buyer ) download? From multiple downloads?

I know I have questions for Paypal but they seem to complicate questions & hard to find answers.

Thanks alot.

Thanks guys, any idea on how to proceed to let the buyers to download after paid? No idea how the download is related to payment & security issues.

Paypal payment page in different language?

Thanks in advance.

You can use paypal pdt to give a download to successful purchases, google for paypal pdt and you will find a lot of info.

Paypal offer credit card directly in very few countries - for most countries the person needs to log into their Paypal account first to be able to pay by credit card. So if you were to limit it to credit card only (if Paypal allowed you to) then you’d be limiting buyers to those countries where they support credit card directly.

Doing so would also prevent people using money in their Paypal account itself to pay and so you’d also lose a lot of buyers in those countries where loggin in to Paypal first is optional.

Some of your other questions are more complex but I will tell you that PayPal requires the integration of express checkout when using direct payment. So even if you want to only use direct checkout legally you can’t. At least not without discussing the matter directly with PayPal and having them write-up a separate agreement.


Notice the note:
If you use Website Payments Pro, you must implement both Direct Payment and Express Checkout.