Payment processing target India market

I wish to sell my digital product to india’s customer but facing difficulty because i’m using paypal as my payment processor. What is the alternative for that? Also, i notice that most of our India’s customer using debit card and not credit card on transaction. Many fail attempt on the payment, not sure why. Hope to get help and advice here.

There are lots of carts available—both self-hosted and 3rd party—that help you sell digital downloads. How do customers currently get your downloads? PP doesn’t offer that service by default, so far as I know.

I have my own web able to handle that, the problem is the payment processor where customer in india not able to pay using paypal. Advice needed.

Paypal does not work in India, it does not accept Indian debit cards and net banking.
You need to signup with Indian payment gateway like ccavenue or EBS.

CCavenue is by far the best and biggest.

Thanks. This is cool info. will try CCavenue