Pay by PayPal without creating account is impossible

Dear forum members,

I’m completely lost.
I want to give customers possibility to pay by credit cards without creating PayPal account. It still super popular in countries like in france, they want to pay by credit card or debit card.

It’s critical for the business.

From PayPal side it’s all done : it’s Business account, PayPal integral solution, everything verified, paypal account optional is checked. The company is based in France and we do checkout in France or in Belgium (these countries accept PayPal account as optional).

But customers on the website are still forced to create a PayPal account on the checkout :frowning:

I asked PayPal help, they said they checked and it’s working on their side (checkout doesnt require to create PayPal account).

On my side, it’s different. We have tested on different browsers, different computers, by different people.
We are forced to create PayPal account.

I dont understand what and where it’s wrong and what to do. Anybody had this before?

This is the site URL:

Thank you in advance!

Is this what you’re seeing?

It doesn’t seem to require creating a paypal account. The CC form is there right below (circled in red). I clicked that link and got this form, which seemed to work OK using test data…

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Hi Dave,

this is exactly the form I want to see but I dont see.

I see this:

As I say we tried from different browsers but different people. Still this.
Why??? I’m desperado.

OK, tried it again, and it’s definitely in your code, When I first went into the checkout, this paypal express line didn’t just list paypal. It had paypal and a multiple of credit card images displayed. Now it just shows paypal and I can get to those invalid settings.

But it’s something either going wonky with your API call, or which paypal method your calling on your side because this didn’t show this earlier.

This is what is there when I checkout with a UK address

Hello Dave,

I owe you an excuse and an explanation. Meanwhile, I tried to shortcut my problem and added a plugin, I switched from using paypal standart of woocommerce to paypal express plugin. Unfortunately, it had some particular behavior, that I prefer to work with standart paypal woocommerce settings.

In my understanding, PayPal standart woocommerce calls Paypal account via email, but doesnt use PayPal API. I added PayPal identity token and API credentials, but in PayPal standart woocommerce they are used only for refunds.

Do you have an idea what could go wrong in my case?
Thank you very much in advance!

I would guess that something in your woocommerce settings for paypal isn’t set up correctly. Does woocommerce have a support forum? Might be a good question to ask there, and they may know a setting which can trigger that behavior.

Did you consider turning on the logging feature? Might tell you something.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. I’m pretty sure it’s a configuration issue, but what that is I don’t know. It sounds like woocommerce might be a better place to hit up for help…

Did you change something? Because it should be working if this comes up (which it just did)

Hello Dave,

I put back Starndart Paypal option by woocommerce. It proceeds to paypal but still requires to create an account.
Drives me mad. I went through woocommerce documentation, through their forum, through paypal support. Didnt help.

So you don’t see the same screen I do in post #7, because if you do, then you should see what I see in post #2

Hello Dave,

I see the same thing as you do post#7 but I dont have the same message as you do in post#2.
This is my frustration.

In my experience, YOU see that because you have a paypal account and have paid for something using that browser so it auto-fills.

Try finding a computer of someone who doesn’t have a paypal account and test it there.

Any time you’re trying to test for something like that (saved browser logins, cookies, the like) you could also use a different browser, or an Incognito Mode Window (Chrome) or Private Window (Firefox).

@jeffreylees, I tested it in the Private window FF and still have the same result - it asks me to create an account.
So, it’s even not a browser/cookies issue if I understand correctly?

@Dr_John, we have tested on the several computers of several people who dont have any paypal accounts (grandma), and event a person who just bought his computer (clean browsing history) - it asks for creating paypal account. I’m totally lost.

Yeah, I was more explaining to John that you didn’t really need another computer to circumvent cookies. It seems as though you’ve done both though, with no result.

I found this:

the conversation comes down to this post:

You most likely don’t have a PayPal premier or business account. PayPal doesn’t offer credit card processing ability to personal PayPal account. You can upgrade your personal PayPal account to a premier or business account for free.

This documentation may help:

Could this be your issue?

I have a verified PayPal Business account. And PayPal keep saying that it’s all rolling from their side and when they test the site doesnt force to create an account. I’m still stuck.

I just went through your checkout process and I got the pay with credit card, don’t have to sign in options. Works just fine as far as I can tell here.

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