Hi there,
I’ve been designing websites for a few years now. I finished a college web design program in 2008. I’ve kind of been out of touch with the design world a little bit, as in not keeping up on conversations about design. I’ve been seeing so many of these quasi-parallax sites out there that are likely built from a template.

such as…

and I just don’t like this kind of design. I think it’s terrible. Every site looks the same.

Parallax started with designers doing something cool and interesting for portfolios or other projects. When it’s planned well, designed well, and original, I like it and I think it’s fun. like this:
But having it here, there and everywhere just doesn’t make sense to me. Whatever happened to the good old above the fold, and designing the content.

Anyway, am I the only one who’s tired of this?

btw, I’m ancient in terms of web design probably… 31, started coding in 2001.

Things like parallax are done for the designer/site owner, not the audience. As you say, such features are either irrelevant to the content or more likely get in the way of it. But designers will be designers, I guess!

OMG, you are SO over the hill. Give up and die! … [says he, tongue in cheek, who only started to tinker with web design at about the age of 40 :D]

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