Anyone else hate those 1 page parallax effect websites?

You know, those 1 page sites with the scrolling content and parallax effect and banner image that takes up nearly the entire screen. In terms of usability, these are terrible! I hate this new style! Please, stop making them! Examples here.

I’m not keen on them either and find them awkward to navigate. I usually don’t realise that the links at the top are “in page” links and just scroll with the mouse down very long pages.

I love these sites, in fact; I also want to learn parallax web designing. These types of sites are becoming popular, and I hope this will be the trend in 2014. So, you cannot ignore it.

NY Times has been doing some amazing things with scrolling websites. It is all about application of technology, not technology itself.

this style suit me very well. I don’t understand why you hate it.

I really like them, but only when they’re done well. I’ve seen several which are awkward to navigate, and some which seem to have gone that direction purely because it’s the latest trend, and not because the content supports it.

Well stated, sir.

It is easy - I would chalk it up to human nature - to blame a technology that has been misused or applied poorly. There are innumerable examples in the [relatively] short history of the Internet.
You stated the core of the issue in quite a succinct manner.

I don’t mind them as long as they’re done well.

^^, i can tell your an old skool designer who likes boxed designs? :slight_smile: Your my kinda guy ^^

Infinite scroll is sometimes useful and makes sense, but in many cases it’s a pure show-off and feels awkward.

1 page site with those fancy stuff looks attractive and makes visitors to stay more time in the web site but when it comes to SEO, its big drawback. I had one of the web sites with a 1 page scrolling down effect and few months later shifted it to a basic website to make it search engine friendly… So 1 page web sites are not a bad idea if search engines are not in your mine… =)

i hate too. :frowning:

Welcome to the forums liquidpr!

So why do you hate them?
Do you find them awkward to navigate or do you think that flashy effects detract from the content?

In future it would be better to write a little more than “me too” otherwise you are in danger of getting fluffed.

I have never understood parallax quite well. Though sites implemented well look great in terms of design and navigation, I find it a bit taxing on the system / internet when developers try a lot of things including loading multiple slide shows / videos and what not. My take is as long as its fast loading and minimalist its great but as you load the page with multiple items, the experience usually gets slow and lacks direction. Also as mentioned earlier you cant do good SEO on a single page and that limits the overall experience even from a clients end.