I have done some experiments with parallax and could really use some feedback!


I am new to sitepoint. I was looking for places where I could get some feedback and sitepoint came up as the first option because of it’s helpful community. I am not really aware of any posting rules here, So I will try and be precise.
I have made a skills showcase website as a personal project using different parallax techniques and I could really use some feedback on it. Right now, I have no idea how bad it is :slight_smile:
Also, It’s not responsive at the moment so don’t bother testing that. Thank you !
Here’s the link: https://lalarukh1.github.io/parallax/

Hi there @lalarukh1992, welcome to the forums. I’m sorry but I find the parallax effects quite off-putting. It’s probably just me, but I prefer a scroll to do just that - scroll - not for things to appear from the “wings” as it were.


Hi @lalarukh1992. Welcome to SP forums. I need to agree with @Gandalf. It’s all a bit overdone. When parallax is used in a subtle way, it can certainly increase the atention value of a website. But this is all too much.

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I really enjoyed your site. it displays creativeness as well as playfulness. Your skills in programing are plain to see and I am sure you have a great future ahead of you. While your parallax effects are entertaining, I agree with the others that they tend to overpower the message that you are communicating. As they say, Less is more! :grinning:


lalarukh1992, please forgive me if I’m wrong, but I have the feeling you are relatively new on your journey.

I don’t mean this to be “bad” in any way, only that it reminds me of myself back when. For example, when I discovered animated gifs I was like “that’s cool” and started using them all over a page. horizontal rules, borders, backgrounds, you name it, if I could, I did. Likewise when I discovered what JavaScript could do.

The point is, I was so excited about what could be done I wanted to do it wherever it could be done. I gave little to no thought about whether or not it needed to be done or if it added any value to the page.

As far as parallax goes (I would call it scroll triggered animation, but that’s me) you can see a small dose of it here. Notice how the top header changes when at the beginning of a topic and a few posts down into a topic.

I think another good use of the effect could be having a “full” navigation menu change to a “hamburger” menu when a page is scrolled down. In other words, I don’t think you should abandon the skill entirely, only that it might be a good idea to limit your use of it so you don’t risk it overpowering a visitor’s experience.


Only yesterday I was reading articles about SVG filters and how they can even be applied to HTML elements outside of SVG for various effects.
After realising and being excited about what was now apparently possible, the designer disciple kicked in and I tell myself, I must control myself.
Though surely I must experiment and then indulge where appropriate at some point.

I was thinking the same thing. It is related to parallax, whereby scrolling controls the movement.
But parallax in web design is a specific effect which gives the illusion of depth by scrolling apparently further objects at a slower rate than the “foreground”, mimicking real world parallax.

Certainly it’s an interesting and fun effect for a concept site, but whether it offers good UX in out the wild is another question.
It’s actually quite hard to gauge UX without truly using a site, as opposed to merely visiting and casually browsing, there can be a big difference between the two.


It’s pretty inaccessible to keyboard navigation. frown

Thank you so much guys for such useful suggestions and all your input. I really, really appreciate it. I am aware of the fact that you can’t use THAT MUCH parallax for a real life website, I only made this one to experiment with all the different techniques that’s why it looks and obviously is overdone. I would never use it this way for real websites. @Mittineagu is right, I am new on my journey and having found no proper feedback on the work that I do, I find myself lost sometimes. It’s exciting to learn and experiment with new things but in the end real-life practical websites need a flat simple design depending on the content.
Thanks again guys, really appreciate it!


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