Parallax Scrolling Websites

Hey everyone, I seen this site the other day and I’m just curious to know if this is one of those parallax scrolling websites or something different entirely. Here’s a few sites if you wanna take a look, I wanna start learning how to make these kinds of websites and if you know any kind of tutorial to get me started on the right path, I’d highly appreciate it, thanks for any help.

Not sure if the effect these sites use would be called specifically parallax or not, but anyhow, they are heavily reliant on JS (without which, they are blank … which is lousy design, really, but that’s another matter …)

Anyhow, I guess the way to learn how to do this is to learn JS really well. :slight_smile: You can look under the hood at the code of course, but it probably won’t mean much unless you have a lot of JS under your belt. (I often examine the code of sites like this, and my eyes just spin!) :slight_smile:

Not sure about make you money, but nebber is a parallax design. You can find many tutorials if you simply Google it.

You can find a tutorial here.

I think both websites are the examples of parallax scrolling website because it has a storyboarding.