Buying links is beneficial or not?


What about if I buy quality links and for my clients site.

Is that beneficial to it or not?

NO, if you caught by google surely you will get penalize from google search engine. Most of them doing this search, it work for short time, wont work for long term. so be careful while buying links.

Any paid links should be marked as “nofollow”. If they are not, and Google finds out, then the site that sold you the links is in serious trouble, and the links will be discounted. So you should only pay for links if you think that you will get enough direct traffic from those links to justify the cost – SEO should not be a consideration.

Forget about it. Even if someone claims that the links they generate for you are Penguin 2.0 friendly and google friendly, stay away.

If something is not causing trouble with google right now, it is not necessary it will remain so with future google search updates.

Buying links is always harmful, don’t play with your site health, Build natural links by sharing content or using social media networks. It will give you long term result.

no, it won’t be beneficial. If you found by google you will get penalised for it. Dont do that.

Earn natural links instead of paying for the links.

If buying links were considered harmful by Google then they would not be providing their Google AdWords service where you can buy links through Google.

Strange, “Google AdWords service where you can buy links through Google.”
Adwords links are Sponsored links, this is one kind of advertisement service from Google, where a user directly pay Google to get appear his site in top of the SERP.
You are not buying links, you are paying them for every click. When you stop to pay them your site will be disappear from the sponsored listing.

For Paid Links they have clearly mentioned here,

There is little difference between the various ways of setting up advertising links. You can pay for the displ;ay of the links directly, pay when people click the link or pay when people who clicked the link buy something. In all cases you are effectively paying for the advertising link. The only difference is how the payment is arranged. In all cases the link is a form of advertising and so should be set as nofollow so that it is not confused with the non-advertising links that are not paid links.