Paying BOTW for a link.... worth it?

I am considering paying the $150 to get a listing on The category I want to submit to shows no Google PR. Does it matter? Is it still worth the money?

Buying links has nothing to do with SEO. Any paid links have to be marked as “nofollow”, so regardless of whether the page that hosts the link has PR of zero or ten, you’ll get no googlejuice from the link. Buying links is all about marketing. Do you think that you’ll get $150 worth of business from that link placement? It’s effectively a form of advertising - you have to decide whether the ROI you are likely to get from direct referrals is likely to pay for the cost of the advert.

If you are going to invest, my vote goes to I have always got a nice boost from that.

Yes, I have a link in Yahoo… just looking for more places.

I would say BOTW is probably the second best general directory after Yahoo to consider purchasing a link on. I disagree that buying links doesn’t have anything to do with SEO since buying links can help your SERPs. Certainly not all links you buy will be helpful since Google frowns on the practice, but high quality sites like Yahoo and BOTW and others should help since submissions have to pass an editorial hurdle (which Google says they like).

I’ve been considering purchasing a link on Yahoo as many of my competitors are already there. The $300 fee would be fine if it really helps my SERPs. Sounds like it worked for you, so I may just do finally do it.

Join the best of the web affilate program before u submit, ull get some cash back lol


Personally, I would rather build links myself than buy them. I’ve heard some negative results from buying links. I don’t think it’s going to worth it.

I think PR is determined by factors like on page content, keyword density, content etc. It has nothing to do with paid links- so if you are looking to buy links I really don’t think that willl affect your PR. :slight_smile: