Paid links

Does Sponsored linking helps to increase website traffic and page rank if it is to be done with high PR websites??

It should theoretically.

Maybe,Do not look at the addition of many.

Go for high ranking ones where you are listed on home page and perhaps a relevent topic or your competitors are there also.

No it shouldn’t. Paid links are supposed to be ‘nofollowed’ to prevent the passing of values like PR that could influence rankings, paid links shouldn’t have any SEO benefit. Even if the site selling the links hasn’t nofollowed them, Google will most likely find out and devalue those links and you’ll have wasted your money.

If you’re getting good human traffic though then it’s worth it right?

Absolutely Sponsored links help a lot increasing your PR but your going to spend a lot of money doing this kind of strategy.

Sponsored links are always nofollow and therefore cannot possibly affect PR.

If Google finds any page that hosts sponsored links where the links are not flagged nofollow Google will set the PR for the entire site to zero to ensure that their rule that sponsored links MUST NOT pass on PR is followed.

You could spend a billion dollars on sponsored links and the PR you would receive in return will still be zero.

Sponsored links “should” always be nofollowed. But most are not. People who buy sponsored links ONLY buy them if they are followed because the ONLY reason most buy sponsored links is to get credit for inbound links from high PR sites with the link text they want to rank for. Very few people buy them for traffic.

If you get caught they will typically penalize the page where your link appears setting it’s PR to zero. If the seller is caught selling lots of links then Google might penalize the entire site or possibly ban them, but typically it’s only the page where the links appear that get penalized.

Buying links does work… but only until the sellers are caught. Then they are worthless.

And Google actively searches the sellers out so as to keep the time that they have value for to the absolute minimum.

well traffic yes… and PR maybe if it count as backlinks…

If anybody afford good page rank paid link then he should go for this because links not only increase page rank also increase keyword position and generate traffic.

If paid links did NOT work, companies like Bank of America, Verizon, AT&T, etc. wouldn’t be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars per month on obscure links with link text and 1 sentence of text in sidebars from link brokering companies like Conductor. They do it because the links DO help them rank for very competitive keyword phrases.

I’m not suggesting that you buy links, only can say from experience that these links are effective. And I can tell you from experience, these links send almost ZERO traffic to these sites. They are not located on the page in a place the most users ever even see them. They are purchased SOLELY for ranking purposes.

It should be noted that the rules for SEO for “big business” is much different than those for the average Joe who has a blog. Big companies get away with a lot more. Google tends to turn a blind eye. They are not going to penalize or ban BMW (as they once did and quickly reversed it) because they know people will think their results suck if someone searches for BMW and they don’t show up in the SERPs.

Don’t believe it? Check out the left sidebar on this page: Scroll way down… See the links for Free Taxes, Credit Report, Money Management, Checking Accounts, Send Money, Options Trading, Forex Trading, Finance Software? These are ALL paid links… And view source… FOLLOWed links.

No one is going to click on those links. They are intentionally placed far below the fold so most never even see them. They are purchases by the companies being linked to… the URL, link text, and single sentence after them selected by the companies being linked. Those links probably run around $400-500/month each. And don’t think Google doesn’t already know about this.

What other evidence do you have to support this?

if sponsored are dofollow then they help of course

Experience is the best teacher. It DOES work.

really? paid links should be nofollow? i didn’t know that. thanks for the info. but what if there sites selling dofollow links? will google caught them?

now it’s getting more clearer to that buying links shouldn’t be an option.

Paid links should be nofollow in order not to try to mislead the search engines. They should be marked as advertisements. However, a lot of people buy links without “nofollow” and that really helps moving up. But you should be very careful as people can report you for buying links.

It depends whether the links are DO FOLLOW, which will mean the SEs can follow the links. I think any ways.

No it doesn’t because if Google find sponsored links that don’t have the rel=“nofollow” that MUST be placed on sponsored links then they zero out the PR of the page so that there is no PR passed either way.

Advertising/sponsored links rely on there being some real people interested enough to click on the link. Those links are aimed at people and not search engines since they have no value whatsoever with search engines.

Maybe but I’m not about to change my opinion on this without some credible evidence, what you posted was speculation with logic to support it but that’s all. I don’t believe that Google gives certain companies special attention or privilidges, at least I hope that they don’t.

If you can provide some better evidence this would be quite remarkable if proven.