Page rank in opposite directiion

Don’t worry, this is not the millionth post about how to increase page ranking, maybe closer to the opposite. By regularly adding content and optimising what is there, my serp rating and traffic continue to improve. The odd thing is, that my site finally got to pr 1 after about a year, which was this summer, and now has gone back to 0.

This has brought up 2 questions.

1.Why would pr move in opposite direction to serp?

2.What are the chances that if I “rectified this mistake”, my serp rankings would improve noticeably?

This happens sometime. As far as I know the reason for moving your PR in opposite direction can be the decrease in number of backlinks. I am not sure but this could be one reason for the same. And I don’t know the answer for your second question.

There really is no relationship between the toolbar PR and rankings. PR is log based and what you get in the toolbar is whole numbers. Your PR could simply have gone from 1.0000000000000001 to 0.9999999999999999 but is displayed as 1 and 0. As PR is based on the PR and number of links to the site, if the PR goes down, then your links have lost value.

Also, my understanding of the original PR formula is that the total PR of the www is a finite amount, so as the www expands (more pages/sites get added) the share of that for each page is reduced, so naturally over time (assuming everything else is equal), the PR of a page will drop.

Whatever the reason, stop thinking about it. Its not worth it. There is no mistake to rectify/

I know that if you add to make backlinks in a small amount of time, Google will see that as spammy. Does this affect PR in any way?

About as much as dying your hair blue does.

Remember that the published PR figures are usually out of date, so the rise/fall won’t correspond to changes in your search position in real time. And PR is only one of over 200 factors that Google considers when ranking its results, so it is perfectly possible for your PR to fall at the same time as your overall position in the results improving. Also bear in mind that PR looks at the page as a whole, whereas your position in the search results is for a specific phrase. You might have improved your position for that one phrase but dropped for a load of others.