Question on google page rank

My page rank is showing a question mark ?/10

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Where are you looking to check your PR? Google has long since stopped issuing regular public updates, so you’re unlikely to find a meaningful number anywhere.

@TechnoBear I check it on Open SEO Stats addon from chrome some shows ?/10 some shows 0/10

I don’t know where they are getting their data, but I imagine it’s very out-of-date, and ?/10 presumably just means they have no data for that particular page.

You might want to check the links in this post from another thread:

My guess is the question mark shows because of poorly written code that doesn’t handle the value “N/A” well.

Back when pagerank updates were published frequently for the toolbars, “N/A” meant Google hadn’t seen the page yet. Then after it had it would become a “0” (then hopefully over time go up from there)

Google no longer publishes pagerank for the toolbars on any regular basis if at all anymore because it was felt that too many websites were obsessing over it to the neglect of more important things.

So the “?” you are seeing does not necessarily mean that Google has not seen that page, only that its pagerank hasn’t been published for the toolbar yet.

It also means that any pagerank values you are seeing are next to meaningless as they can not be taken as being current or even recent

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You could check your website’s PR by SEOquake app, that app of Google

If the information isn’t available because Google isn’t releasing it, then it will make little difference which app you use; the information will either be out of date or missing altogether.

I think its a technical problem of your site that’s why Google cant read your site. As everyone said u can check this SEOquake app. It’s an app from Goggle. Hope u will get your solution.

Did you read any of the other posts?

If the pages went on-line after Page Rank ceased to be updated, they won’t have any ranking data. It does not mean Google cannot read the site.

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[quote=“abrar39, post:8, topic:210435”]
I think its a technical problem of your site that’s why Google cant read your site.
[/quote]Please read the thread before replying. It has been stated several times that Google is no longer releasing regular public updates. If the information is not available from Google, it cannot be displayed.

[quote=“abrar39, post:8, topic:210435”]
As everyone said u can check this SEOquake app.
[/quote]And as I said, it makes no odds which app you use, if the information is not avaiolable for that app to retrieve.

[quote=“abrar39, post:8, topic:210435”]
It’s an app from Goggle.
[/quote]No, it’s not. It belongs to Bootstrap Marketing Group Ltd. in Cyprus.

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Don’t misrepresent what people are saying. It is quite clear if you read the thread that this is simply not true.

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