Package deals OR per project quote

Just a little thought I had, do you consider it better to offer “package deals” for a set price OR set a price based on project requirements?

Or maybe a bit of both depending on whats required?

If you are going to offer a package deal then you need to be very specific as to exactly what the package includes. Most people’s requirements will differ from what your package includes and so unless your package is offering a really good rate for what you are offering so that they still fell that they are coming out ahead if they only want 75% of the package then you probably will not get many takers.

Perhaps you could offer something like “select 10 things you want doing to your website, we’ll give you 1 free”, package deals only work if it’s something that the end user actually wants (retail shows this when you buy something from a store). You would need to explicitly state what each component would include though as felgall said (to ensure that your customers know what they will get as part of each “mix and match” package). All projects should have itemized pricing in the first place so it wouldn’t take much to take each item and turn it into a “bolt-on” package for each basic website you produce :slight_smile:

A package offer is useful to catch people’s attention. It simplifies a situation, creates a starting point for discussion and encourages them to take action and contact you.

Once they’ve made contact you can work out what they really need (which, quite possibly, won’t be what’s in the package) and come up with a solution and price that suits you both.

The alternative approach, ie ‘tell us what you want and we’ll give you a quote’, is far less compelling.


I would not say its less compelling, some people like to be able to “pick-their-own”, after all no two people have the same needs, and you don’t want to be paying for something you don’t need. I would say in many cases it’s more compelling to give the client choices than offer them packages which are “all inclusive”. :slight_smile:

just set price based on project …i think this way you could gain more

It depends on what kind of clients you are looking for. Some clients will respond to that, some won’t.

My strategy is to have a basic template for ‘Package Deals’ available for the following scenarios:

A. pressed for time
B. small scope project
C. client interested in multiple services

For more extensive or lucrative projects, I’ll definitely create a custom proposal. And then, because I’ve designed my ‘Package Deals’ to be open ended, the advantage is that I can typically upsell them a Package Deal down the road.

Do quote. Many of your clients will most likely have a special need that falls outside the range of your package, which then you’ll have to quote anyway. So just standardize your rates, like cost per page, cost per flash banners, logos, printing, etc… I’ve been running a web development business for 4 years and this has worked great.

Have you been running altwebdesign’s business for 4 years, or just your own? Are all businesses exactly identical? If so, couldn’t we all just replicate a single plan?

I was giving my input in how I do it and recommend the way I have done it. Other ways work out for other people pending on circumstance but that has been the best for me.

Ah… I didn’t get that from ‘Do Quote’.