New client wants a website, what next?

Not sure if I’m in the right area bit here goes

I have a new client who wants a website.

They are a larger contracting company in the mining industry looking for a presence online.

I have asked them what type of site they want to which they replied something like

Usually i would send them a quote with a proposal and agreement then start designing a handful of concepts.

Im thinking of selling providing 2 quotes, one custom xhtml solution vs a cms joomla solution (trying to learn more joomla atm)

My steps are

  1. quote
  2. proposal
  3. agreement
  4. concept
  5. build

What do you guys find works for you?

What do you push new clients towards, cms vs html?

Do you start low and add on extras?

Been a few year since my last project so any advice would be welcome :slight_smile:

steps to close the deal looks right.

cms or not depends on if they need it. i never try to push anything unless client needs it. ask your client if they would need to add/edit content by themselves.

That particular website is a Wordpress website, so it’s a CMS. I agree with webcosmo, I always will find out if they need control of the website, ability to add photos, edit content, etc.

That first meeting/phone call/email with the client is crucial in sealing the deal. Before discussing pricing or agreements, always find out their needs. Let them speak, ask them questions and find out what they want it to do. Then lock them up in an agreement! :smiley:

Have been speaking with one of their employees who said they have an IT department who may be able to manage it after sales. But I’m also gauging they will come back to me for repeat business.

A cms would give them some more control. As you know customising templates can be tricky.

Maybe offering them both packages and outlining what benefits the more expensive package would include.

Even though they have access via a CMS, they could still come back for extra template tweaks, etc down the track.

I think i may take this approach. Provide 2 quotes with the benefits of each. Good advice