What to charge? What's in your package?

I’ve kinda stayed away from offering SEO for the most part because of the amount of time and the extra additional effort to allocate people to meet with clients to go through the results, but now I think I might as well offer it and sell it to all my clients especially after building up great client relationships.

I understand a lot about SEO But I don’t know what to charge and what to offer. I have one small company that would like about 5-10 keywords and show up on the front page of a site, preferably the top first 3 links. The number of competitors aren’t outrageously high either. It’s a local home remodeling business. They’re an absolutely brand new site, and I understand it’ll probably take 6-9 months to get listed in the top 3 links of google for the keywords they want.

So what would you guys think I should charge and what do you use as a standard? One of my businesses is a web development firm, should I just quote it out for each one or offer some sort of relatively standardized package? Any ideas? Thanks.

If you recognise it will take 6-9 months to achieve these results for them, then break it down into what SEO tasks you’re going to do for the site (whats your strategy?) and then how many hours will each task take you per week or per month. Then charge an hourly rate based on what you value your own time at.

My wife doesn’t like it when I talk about my package in public.

Ha, I was just about to report that post until I saw who wrote it :wink:

Hourly rates are always the best, then you can plan the hours of attack better.