Own blog or blogspot?

What is a better for Google SERP:

To create own blog on own domain or to create account on blogspot or other blogging platform and put your blog posts there?

Will take as domain age the blogspot domain and will also take PR of blogspot domain? So is any huge difference if you decide to create own code and start from 0?

Well in terms of SEO I don’t think it matters. What does matter is control because by hosting the blog yourself you have 100% control and can install any plugins, themes etc and not be worried that blogspot might delete your blog.

blogs on those blog platform sites could ban you anytime for stupid reasons. then you would loose all the effort you put on it.

having own blog is best in most ways.

I personally recommend you

Because it is too easy to use.
Even newbie can use easily.

In terms of SEO it makes absolutely no difference. The main difference between using a service and hosting your own is how much control you’d like to have over the look and functionality of the blog.

The advantage of using a hosted solution is that you don’t have to worry about security, servers, configuration, updates, and a ton of other things that might interfere with what it is you’re intending to use your blog for.

The downside is that you’ll also have less options in terms of customization. You’ll have to settle with what’s available.

If branding, design, optimisation, flexiblity, and general control over how you present and configure your content is of no importance to you, then a hosted solution will be just fine.

If you want full control, then you should go with a CMS or blogging tool that allows you to host your blog yourself.

Have blogspot as a learning ground and then as soon as you feel more confident switch to wordpress

I do not really think this matters however I would suggest you you use your own domain name for the blog this way if you ever need to move it you can just change the DNS settings.

blogspot rankng 5 on alexa rank …so O reccomend u use blogspot because I use blogspot either;)

i recommend you to create own blog without any platform

Get your own blog. It might cost you money for hosting but to not fully own your blog and put a great deal of time and effort into sounds ridiculous.

Well I suggest that you should host your own blog over which you have 100% control to do any change in themes, plug-ins and other add-on, that you cannot do in blogspot.

well both works when it comes to google ranking… but i suggest to use domain hosted if you are planning to expand your site in the future…

You can use both but remember to create two or more different version of your post/article. It’s better to have a blog on your own where you can modify it & adding SEO-friendly plug-ins/modules and better designs.

The difference is just that on your own blog you have control of your own. You can do anything you want and on blog hosting you may have some of the restrictions from the website itself.

But in my opinion you should go with blog hosting websites…

Its all your wish. Blog promotion utterly depends on the contents that you gonna post it. Do fresh and interactive content to grab more traffic, and tat will make you way easy to promote your blog.

I’d recommend you to have your own domain so that you’re free from worries of server, accessibility, backup etc.

i have been posting and bloging for months now but my site still dosnt come up for any major search words i posted also on bookmark site
can some one tell me what wrong
my website is movers community . com
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try using tumblr (new blogging platform)

own blog. Use fantastico (many hosts have it, hostgator.com does i know) to install Wordpress - 1 click install, best way to go and thats for SURE. Plus HG has amazing uptime. I just can’t stand the fact that i dont OWN or control my blog, when it’s hosted somewhere else like that