SEO: Blogger vs self-hosted wordpress?

Let’s discuss one by one: Blogger vs self-hosted wordpress blog


Blogger - mostly controlled by google
Wordpress - full control by owner
Advantage: wordpress

Blogger - files are fully secured by Google
Wordpress - files are secured by your hosting company
Advantage: I think Google has more security


Blogger - you cannot sell blogger blogs. It’s against google TOS
Wordpress - you can sell your domain plud website
Advantage: wordpress

This thing I would like to ask. Looking at the following example, which one is easy to rank/optimize? (or any other extension)


I would say the .com for SEO, even if you use a blogger account, you should associate it a domain name, so that whenever you decide to move your content away from blogger, you’ll still have the domain name and the content you can export from blogger and import it in a hosted blog.
So for SEO, I’d say .com is better in any cases.

This is actually what I think and another reason why I do not spend my precious time creating blogger adsense niche blogs…

I would recommend going along wth WordPress, because you have complete control over your content, versus going with blogger, where you get a free blog and risk having your hard written blog posting work deleted for no reason at all.

The main point actually is SEO… Which one is easy to rank? That’s the main question…

There’s no question about control and security…

Ya absolutely. There is no need of control or security. In SEO point or getting indexed in google, I would prefer “blogger” is the best option. Because Google loves their products. And it give importance in its SERP.

Plus Blogger blogs all look the bloody same, well pretty much. There is so much more flexibility with wordpress, you can make it look how you want.

For SEO purposes a web page is a web page is a web page and how the page was created whether by blogger, wordpress, uncle joe’s custom script, or a team of monkeys typing up static pages for you makes no difference whatsoever. All the search engine sees in the page when determining how to rank it is the HTML content of the page the same as it would be delivered to a web browser.

Finally a very clear and sensible answer… thanks

I think it also depends on the effort you did on your site. If you follow proper on-page and off-page optimization then, it doesn’t matter wether it’s a self-hosted domain or not.

The domain name means almost nothing when it comes to SEO so is just as likely to get the top spot as either of those two.

but i think domain name will help to get quick and higher ranking …yes you can say that you don’t have any disadvantage if you don’t have your keyword in URL

I was lucky to found a good niche with both .com, .net, and .info are all available. I grabbed them all and started making an experiment. let see how it goes and which one can rank faster and higher when I do the same (no more no less) promotion in each of these websites…

Self hosted Wordpress is far better than blogger. Wordpress provides full control.

Talking about SEO, .com domain is easier then one. But google is biased toward blogger. My new post in blogger was indexed with an hour or two and my post in self hosted wordpress requires weeks to index. It might be due to my lack of SEO knowledge.

Anybody else have similar experience?

I think you are not wrong, google gives blogger a special attention, and imo it’s normal to be that way.

but in my opinion,wordpress is good if you have hosting by yourself,you can change the theme easily.

It is clear that wordpress is more advantageous for seo than google blogs.