Anyone used any link builders before?

I am looking to outsource some of our link building. I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to this and deciding who to trust and who is giving value for money…

Have any of you used any companies in the past you would say you trust and would recommend?

Do you recommend outsourcing link building? My time is far more valuable than spending hours upon hours submitting to directories etc…

Appreciate your input :slight_smile:

My response would be to look back at the tactics you’re attempting to outsource. You say that “spending hours upon hours submitting to directories” is not worth your time but have you ever figured out if it’s worth the effort at all? Most directories are essentially worthless.

Nothing comes for free. If the link is worth anything then you’ll probably have to work for it which means that your time will be worth it.

Or you can payment for an seo company.

Directory submission isn’t link-building - it’s time wasting.

Reputable agencies maintain networks of sites grouped into relevant verticals. They can then arrange for relevant links to be sourced from relevant and trusted content partners.

Don’t engage an agency that outsources.
Don’t engage an agency that doesn’t operate and understand your business and audience.
Don’t engage an agency who can’t give you a local reference.

Good luck.