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Howdy forum-goers, I have a few questions about different types of outreach software and if any of them are any good.

First, I’m curious what (if any) software you use to help with your affiliate marketing? I use Semrush, KWfinder, and BuzzStream personally. My problem right now is finding a tool that’s outreach focused. As of now, I hire PAs off Fiverr to gather emails for guest posting outreach and plug them into BuzzStream to track them. It’s not the worst solution, but having to train each new PA to go through the process is kind of hit or miss sometimes and it takes a bit to get them going.

After thinking about it for a while I decided to give making my own tool a try. It worked out fairly well but it’s not ready for public use quite yet and I’d like to get people opinions before moving forward with it.

Anyhow, let me know what tools you guys use and maybe we can get a discussion going on the best ones available.

One of the best outreach software I have come across is Mailshake for email outreaches!

Can you explain why you think it is good @michellebjen? A recommendation without reasons is worthless.

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