Mailchimp Sucks - Thats all i have to say

Does anyone else use mailchimp?

I cant beleive i dont fit their terms since im under nutritional supplements. So i got a big Deny.

I am building a deals website that lists all the lowest prices on bodybuilding supplements not some sorta acai scam stuff. I can understand the restriction but it also depends on the context of the site.

All i have to say is BOO and their support is not great either i was expecting much more.

Would all these lowest prices be linked to the sites with affiliate links?

They don’t do affiliate marketing. It’s a business choice. That type of customer has specific needs and creates a lot more work for them keeping servers off blacklists than other types of e-mail marketing.

Nutritional supplements create similar problems. Your mails will have words that are common in spam (because of all the viagra-type pill spam), which means you’ll hurt the company’s spam profile, which hurts all their customers.

I do use MailChimp and I’m very happy with the service.

Thanks for the quick response and your feedback.

Slickdeals and spoofee should be banned as well.

Thats the point i would like to make they offer the same content as me. Pricegrabber and such?

Cant see any reason why i would be denied now.

If i was building a acai supplement price grabber i can see the issues.

Their loss i will build some cool api tools for their competitors and offer them free. Thanks mailchimp!!!

Nope, Mailchimp sucks because you cant promote affiliate offers to your list, which is the only reason to build a list!

I went with aweber instead

There are a couple hundred thousand list owners that would disagree with you there. Try to think of one name brand retailer with an online presence that doesn’t keep an e-mail list. Think of the thousands and thousands of company newsletters. E-mail lists have been around longer than online affiliate marketing.

Really - did you ask them about that? They way I read their terms, seems their problem is with those who would use affiliates to promote their own services, not someone who promotes affiliate offers to their lists

I’ll have to ask them about that to be clear, but even still, seems a bit harsh to say someone sucks just because they’re selective with who they choose to have as clients.