OSCommerce vs. CRE Loaded vs. Zen Cart vs. others

I have a few websites which are looking to go e-commerce. I want a lot of flexibility in the design area and I want the ability to put in extra fields on the product pages. Easy of use for the user is also important. I’m considering:

[]OS Commerce
]CRE Loaded (Pro version)
[*]Zen Cart[/LIST]Which one do you think is best? Is there an even better option out there?

Me on the same boat of selecting one for myself. From the little research i hv done, creloaded seems to be fine tuned version of “oscommerce”, with additional payment and other modules. And also provides better template integration and management than others mentioned.

Do the creloaded one. I like it the best.

Also checkout oshelpers.com from cart customizations.

If you’re looking for ease of customization I’d pass on CRE and find or build an osC using STS (Simple Template System) instead.

STS is MUCH easier to use IMO.


I looked into each one but eventually went for another cart system.

What system?
I downloaded the zencart to my localhost. I must say it looks good. It is the oscommerce without the clutter of all 3 language text fields.

I would like to see a cart where all of the product editing was done in one page instead of having options on a separate page. It would be nice if you have a option that is used more than once to have a option template. But for me I have a unique option for all of my products so having the product admin and option admin separate slows me down allot. (It makes it hard to keep track of similar options).


I went with CubeCart in the end.

I went with CRELoaded 6.2 Pro but to be honest if I had to do it again I’d use OSC and do all the module installs myself. I wasn’t sure how hard installing OSC modules would be but it’s pretty easy as long as you’re comfortable modifying PHP code.


I am now are also in the stage of selecting the best ecommence option for my websites. I installed osc in my website, and realised that osc is more towrd php. Does anyone know is there any ecommerce option where they use only XHTML and CSS for the design template and editing. I read from some members comment, I think CubeCart is running using XHTML / CSS. I wonder is there any other option available? Does ZenCart operate under XHTML / CSS? Can anyone advise me? thanks

Well CubeCart is php but the template system is CSS & XHTML which makes skinning far easier, IMO.

Zen cart is open source and has great support by there forums, even though I’m not a web designer I was able design it the way I wanted it with out much hassle.

I would say cre loaded is a good choice to start with. It’s reliable and will give you the functionality you need.

whenever you should need to switch to some shopping cart that will meet the needs of your store better try web service cart2cart. It will transfer all your data automatically.

I use zen cart for one of my site. I will wait till Magento matures

Check Zeuscart this is the best one available with the features like free GPL, Unlimited number of categories and products, advanced inventory control management, multi currency system, SEO Friendly and Fast Web Based Installation ect., They provide good support also…

You might want to read this

I prefer Oscommerce, CRE loaded always wants you to pay for something


I would suggest to go with magento cart because offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the user experience, content and functionality of their online stores.

“they” being you, correct?

I can recommend zencart. I am very happy with it and what is the most important it is for free

all of them are not so good, I prefer Opencart.