E-Commerce Store - Help Request!

Hey guys,

I know there’s a bunch of these topics flying around, so I apologize.

Basically I’m looking for the best E-Commerce Shopping Cart for my needs. I keep finding new stores and I find something that I don’t like about it. Sometimes the features will be great but the template options and so forth (even to buy templates) are very limited.

The company that I own is in the automotive industry. We sell high performance aftermarket parts and one/off parts. We were currently using OSC (OScommerce) but I’m looking for a new solution.

For now I want the store on my shared hosting via GoDaddy so some of the stores will not work. I believe Magento doesn’t work at all on GoDaddy. I may be thinking of another store but there were some stores that aren’t compatible with their shared hosting. Also, I’m using their Linux hosting (from OSC).

Also, I have zero time to code or spend a great deal of time on templates (so I will probably just purchased and/or modify a template for now). This is a main reason why I’m leaving OSC because I have multiple ventures. My only option if I stick with OSC is to keep paying a programmer. Basically by that time I could have bought a shopping cart that had all of the extras that I had to add-on to OSC. Doesn’t make much sense to me.

In other words, I don’t have a problem paying for a shopping cart and/or templates. I want to put it on my hosting so don’t mention stores that don’t allow me to do just that. I’m not interested in paying monthly fees. Also, I’m not interested in stores that are going to cost money to upgrade.

Here are just some of the features I want on the store. I will add more later as I am going off the top of my head at the moment.

  • SEO

  • Other background add-ons/features would be nice, like customer and company statistics.

  • Manufacturer & Car listings

  • PayPal

  • Shipping Module - Allows me to do individual item shipping. In other words, I want to have multiple shipping carriers for Domestic as well as International. I do NOT want to charge per weight, price, etc. I WANT to mark each item with my own shipping price for each zone. Zone - Domestic, Zone 2- Canada and the rest of the zones international have the same price.

In OSC I have made a custom add-on where each item has their selection options that I can enable or disable. So FedEx, FedEx 2Day, FedEx Overnight and USPS. Different options for International as well. I then manually type in the shipping prices.

Keep in mind I don’t care to have shipping estimates live. I want to add my own pricing system for the item on shipping. Sorry to be so long on this module but it seems that a lot of stores may NOT have this option and I would prefer it. It’s easier this way for us. Also, if the price is null, it’s free shipping.

  • Tax Zone - We will only use sales tax for those that have shipping address that are located in the same state as us.

  • Featured Product List

  • Not 100% important but WYSIWYG would be nice - or at least the store should have html/css customizable templates

  • Admin login - I have SSL so I will enable and so fourth

  • Sign-up during checkout. This is so they don’t have to register prior to buying from us. It should be a smooth easy transaction.

  • Should be able to have many categories/sections and to hold many products on the store while remaining pretty quick through each page.

Sorry for the messy message. I’m in the process of updating four new PC rigs that I built and swapping over everything as well as get the server ready. So my time is limited.

Please keep all information that I have mentioned into consideration. I will check back and add things I want and don’t want. Here are a few links to stores that I like. Some are car related. I also understand that most are one-off stores and would be costly and/or there may NOT be solutions for. This is just to show you what I want as far as features and what my type of design/flow of the site would be like.

(can’t post links all dot com).


There are just a few for now. Also, I know the car ones are built with YahooStore. There is also a company for Titan. I have heard bad reviews from them, plus they only like YahooStore for automotive type stores. I am not interested in YahooStore. I eat enough transaction fees as it is that I want to stay away from that. Plus, I don’t like the limits of products and so forth.

If anyone could be of any help, that would be greatly appreciated. I will check back to interact and see if we can find a store that will meet my standards. Thanks!

Yes, as far I know Magento is too heavy for shared server environment. They use Zend framework and the core is really heavy.

Right, so what do people recommend for a store then?

I have looked at Interspire but have heard that it just looks good on paper. I’m not sure if it’s this company or another (so don’t quote me on it) but they seem to have costly upgrades.

I was also looking at CS-Cart and Prestashop but with Smarty-Template there are limitations to template options (not just including in-house). I also heard the code was very sloppy. I have no experience with it and I have not tested and or tried out their stores to check out the code. It’s just what I have heard.

Anyway, is there something like Prestashop or possibly a better alternative? Like I said, I’m willing to pay. I guess my other option would be to pay for a one-off store. I was going to wait on that but if it’s reasonable I may be willing to go that route as well.

If I go with a one-off store, does anyone have recommendations for companies that can provide these services? I like those that have designed multiple automotive websites so they understand the surroundings.

I have found a few that still charge crazy monthly fees. Something reasonable with no monthly fees is what I’m looking for.

So in other words, I’m looking at all possible solutions. Thanks!

Considering your custom shipping mod, it may be best if you stick within the osc family and upgrade the current cart to a loaded version such as oscmax or creb2b. The transfer process is fairly easy. Send me a PM for details.

Any recommendations for custom E-commerce web design stores would be just fine as well. Any personal experience with any companies doesn’t hurt either.

Also, the shipping module isn’t a huge concern, I’m sure I can figure something out for another solution.

I also search for ecommerce solution with easy upgrades (not like in xcart), affordable ecommerce hosting (not like in interspire with their bandwith limitations and bugs!), free and easy live time upgrades (not like in cscart) and affordable price or low monthly fee (not like in magento enterprise =).

I decided to try shopify $24-59 packages (hosted ecommerce solution) and avactis (open-source $199, also they have ecommerce hosting $20/month).

I tried free avactis 1.9.0 version, the avactis templates are not smarty based, you can modify it using any html editor e.g. adobe dreamweaver.

As for shopify, they have free 30 days offer.

Links to both ecommerce packages:


hope my research will be useful :slight_smile:

Os Commerce and Zencart will be a good option for custom E commerce designs, you can have it for FREE :slight_smile:

The only issue is that the upgrades are real nightmare :slight_smile:

OSC and Zen Cart will not be free after I have to pay a programmer to fix all of the problems that are wrong with it.

I personally fixed many security vulnerabilities in OSC. It’s set up for a death trap and that’s pretty sad that they leave tons of loop holes.

Free is never always free in my book. Especially if that means devoting more time to fix something that’s free to match up to something that is clearly better. I don’t hate OSC, but wasting countless hours on stuff that clearly shouldn’t be an issue to begin with is a big concern and issue for me.

I am leading towards doing a full-out custom store as I am not impressed with the results I’ve seen so far.

Thanks guys!

Magento and PrestaShop are better solutions for this requirements… If you are looking for cheaper solutions then VirtueMart and OSC will be the best.