Os commerce vs Cube Cart


I have bene using Cube Cart for a while, but I was thinking of moving over to Cube Cart. I would just like some advice on which one do you think is btter and why?

I was thinking Os commerce would be a better choice, as

  1. There are lots and lots of programmers available to work on it and modify it (as its the most popular package). This is helpful for me as I am not a programmer myself.

  2. There are many mods available.

  3. Lots of skin choices and easier to modify probably?

Any advice would be most appreciated.


CubeCart by far! It’s a lovely piece of software.

Clean, simple, organized…Everything OSC is not!

CubeCart all the way! Not only is it easy to use its as powerfull if not more than oscommerce. Skins and templates are also considerally cheaper! Check out my sig for some examples.

For mods you should checkout www.cubecart.org there’s loads of mods for CubeCart which are considerably easier to install than anything on oscommerce, you can also request a mod if theres something in paticular you are looking for and everyone in the forum will do their best to help you out without being condesending;)

Oscommerce is also very simple. Read this tut and you will be set to make all your modifications your self:

Also a lot more mods available, a new version coming out, and you can get more programmers at cheaper price becuase they are familar with it.

Check out the jewelry site in my sig, it was completed with Oscommerce.

I agree with Cube Cart. Much easier to modify than OSC.

what about zencart? it’s far better than oscommerce… If you understand the template system i think it’s much better than oscommerce.

As on_way_to_fame stated there are a lot more features to Oscommerce than just ease of use. Yes Oscommerec might be a little more difficult to initially get used to but once you are over that hill you’ll have gross amounts of addons, customizations, skins, and programmers familar with this program (just look at elance.com).

Since Oscommerce is the largest open source cart how can you expect this much flexibility with any other cart?

I would go OSCommerce, it’s a very strong platform, plus you can code it and extend it to your hearts content, that gives it a huge + on my side.

i’d say you rather stick to cubecart - it will provide you with things oscommerce isn’t able to. Plus it is far more developed lately than osc.

In case you need help moving to the chosen shopping cart try cart2cart web service. it will automate the process for you.

Thanks for the good advice Lesya

I’ve just made a demo migration from oscommerce to cubecart with cart2cart service. Works good! Gonna use it to move the entire store now!