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Hey guys,

 Quick question. I really want to sharpen my skills, before going too deep in a personal business website. I'm looking to donate my time and work for an open source project, that will allow me to work in a team enviroment, and gain experiece. Does anyone have any reccomendations? Projects? WebSites? Really not picky on the type of site/project, but would like to use as much of the .NET Framework as possible.

Thanks Guys.

Take a look around on CodePlex

There are a number of options, would help to know what you are looking to do . . .

wwb_99, i’m really open to any ASP.NET/C#/SQL Server web project. Such as, CMS, shopping cart, db utility. Really anything ASP.NET. I’m a C# developer, if that helps any. I just want to contribute to a project, front-end (CSS, Javascript) or Back End (.NET, SQL Server).

I’m looking at SourceForge right now, might find something in the next couple days. The main reason I posted this, is to see if anyone knew of a specific project that they needed assistance with, or knew someone else who would like some help.


If I were still actively working on my forum project, I’d let you help with that, however, due to real life events, and some personal issues, I’ve temporarily halted my efforts.

That is the trick–there are lots of projects out there, might as well find something worth contributing to rather than the old “I just need a job, any job” type of thing.

Anyhow, I’d go check out codeplex or github over sourceforge, that site has been passed by, especially in the .NET world.

Wow, so far the replies have not really been helpful other than “go here and look”.

There are a few larger CMS projects in .NET:

And as other have said (but not linked), there is a large .NET community at CodePlex.

I would examine SourceForge, every single project in there is reliant on collaboration efforts and group work, there’s far too many individual projects to name but you could certainly get stuck into helping the development teams produce something useful. :slight_smile:

First is to simply find something your interested in. I’ve been using a really nice Media Center plugin (, and they are advertising for help extending it and fixing any bugs. What’s nice there, for example, is a clear idea of what features users are looking for, and also, what bugs need to be squashed.

So, whatever you’re interested in that has an active community with a nice idea of what folks are looking for and what bugs might need to be taken care of.

Hey USPatriot,
Have you joined your local ASP.NET User’s Group? Here’s a list.

I don’t do nearly as much .NET development myself but if I had the time and wanted to get involved in something along these lines, I would get my hands on the latest dist. of DOT.NET NUKE and learn the ins and outs of it. Then, I would find an interesting non-profit that needs a new website and offer my services on the development side providing that they hired an accomplished designer to partner with for the project. Not the secretary who took a course in web design & desktop publishing but a real designer who has managed large website projects, if only for the security of having someone on the team who has the experience.

Good luck!

I can’t claim to be personally familiar with DNN’s codebase. That said, I’d generally argue that, for someone coming in and trying to learn how to build apps in ASP.NET in a modern sense, looking at one of the older, uglier codebases about really makes little sense. I’d start with one of the newfangled MVC-based options rather than worrying about the bygone era. You’ll have plenty enough chance to deal with those nightmares while getting paid to do so.

Yup, good point but like you I’m not familiar with their codebase. I played around with it at least six years ago and figured that it must have been revamped over the years as has the .NET framework. That said, there is a fairly strong MVC .NET community so maybe have a look at those and find a worthy project.

First thing though is to get acquainted with a local chapter of the user’s groups.

Trick with .NET, unlike some other stacks, is that stuff written in the 1.1 days generally works still. And anything 2.0 or better definitely works. So it follows that the underside of many older projects is very, very dirty. Not that it isn’t a good education in how things were done and creative solutions. But it is a bad place to start and can get you into a number of bad habits.

I’ve got to agree. There are so many example pages and downloadable code snippets that are so old they really should be either updated or removed. For a good example of this take a look at the stickies here are :eek: :lol: :shifty:


Oh I know that… I didn’t do anything with ASP.NET for several years between 1.1 and 3.5 and when I started working with some of my old stuff that I thought was pretty good, I had all sorts of warnings about depreciated methods, etc… It’s pretty powerful stuff though.

Hey all,

Thanks to everyone for their opinions, much respected. I decided to build an application for a local non-profit. Gain valuable experience, while contributing for a great cause.

Thanks again.

That is a very good idea. And noble of you.

Nicely done. lol

Very cool! Good luck with that and it would be great to see how it turns out when you’re done or maybe see a WIP (work in progress) thread.

just courious what is the app that you decided to do ? web site ?

and I also think that is a great way to start its a win win deal, for both


I am building an app (not website), to allow people in my city to donate money to feed the homeless and seniors who need assistance in their life. The main goal is to build a community of local charities and churches, to allow them to access all of it on one website, kind of like a "central hub" to tie them all together. It's going to be fun.