How to create a CMS website in

Hii all,

This is Bhanu and i am here to seek your help.
I am tying to make a website(any thing a random website) in the, but i am looking forward to make a dynamic website i.e. the one with CMS facility.

Please can you help me how can i do so ?
There are developers in my company who use PHP to make a website because it offers open source like Joomla and Wordpress. Is there any such facility in too??

Please help me as now i feel i should have done php as .net is of no use :frowning: :frowning:



there are many powerful CMS systems available in .net.

kentico is one of the most powerful one.

So are these CMS systems free like Joomla and WordPress ?

There are some. Orchard or Umbraco come to mind.

i searched for the Kentico but it said download demo for 90 days that means i cannot use it right ? What will i do after 90 days ?

Which one should i go for ?

If it’s a trial version you can use it for 90 days. That should be enough time for you to evaluate it and decide it it’s right for you.

If you are looking for “free” that’s a different thing. But the free stuff probably has less chance of being able to meet your needs.

That and you really don’t want to go with kentico – it is a pretty ugly old piece of enterprisey bloatware.

I agree with you free things wont be able to give complete features but suppose i use Kentico, i design a website and then host it so now it is live and running on server.
It will remain on server for 90 days only right because after 90 days my CMS will expire then what should i do ?? :frowning:

That wouldn’t happen. Being intelligent, you would develop on a development server and only migrate it to a live production server after you decided to go with it and had paid for the license.

It will be worth your while to look at BlogEngine. It is open source ASP.NET and probably the best free software available for this task.

wow it looks like blogengine will work for me :slight_smile:
thank you Irish :slight_smile:
i will try installing it and will get back to you if i face any problem.
is the option of drop down menu available in the blogengine ?

Not sure what you mean by drop down, but you can create your own extensions - check the docs on the CodePlex site :slight_smile:

drop down means a top menu with sub menus like home, about us, services and then services will have design, content, brochure etc.

now i have dreamweaver cs5, visual studio 2008 and sql server 2005 installed in my pc
do i have to install web matrix or visual web developer too ??? Or will the blog engine work with these ??

Yes, you can create your own theme with menus - you can create your own non-blog pages with links to them.

Currently I’m using VS2010 and SQL Server 2008. You should check the requirement on the site itself.

Good to hear that you are not going with Kentico.

Instead of going the classic route, why aren’t you going the MVC route? There are some good open source CMS available for MVC and they have matured also. Try googling!

I am evaluating and it looks good.