Open Source projects

How is everyone gona connect to an app if I may ask? Or is it going to be a web app?


  None of the money will flow through me, but the chruch/charity. Basically it will allow the charitys/churches to colaberate as one unit, instead of being seperate entities. I guess you can call it a social networking app, mixed with info based, allow for converstions between agency's, to orginize cross-goals to share man power and ideas for the non-profits to work together for a better result. I have yet to see an web app to promote an "organization of organizations", so people can contribute to other org's they have not heard of. For example, people who donate capital for churches, while at the same time, aren't aware that help is needed to build houses for the poor.

Hope it anwsers your question. Thanks.

I think Nightstalker is asking that if you are making an app and not a web site how is everyone going to access it? Will it all connect to a central database?


Sorry, misunderstood. Yes, it is going to be a website, with a central database that will allow different organizations to have a custom section for their organization, at the same time, collaberate with other groups. Meshing. Similar to MeetUp website, with a few more bells and whistles to make it unique from everyone else.


Cool. Sounds great. I wish you the best of luck in this noble endeavor.

yes sounds great, keep us in the loop of how it’s going, very interesting and lots of luck with this