Best CMS


I have been looking at sitefinity recently for a project. Looks great and looks quite adaptable but some issues with running it in a medium trust environment, e.g.

Seem unable to upload files using the web interface.

I don’t wish to get a dedicated or VPS for one site…

Anyone else have a work around or recommend another cms?



I found this thread in our referer logs.

If any of you have any questions regarding Webnodes CMS, don’t hesitate to ask!

Try using BlogEngine! I know it sounds unusual, but basically it’s a CMS system at heart. You can create new pages and customize it to your heart’s content :slight_smile:

I have been looking at Kentico and looks very promising indeed!!


IMHO the best ASP.NET customized CMS is that created by yourself. The most of ready made solutions are very complex and slowly.


I agree 100%. The only one that works how I want it to work is the one I made.

My English is poor . I agree that the two upper floors. In accordance with their own idea to do are the most suitable!

Tale a look at N2: :slight_smile:

You can choose from:

We use Umbraco at work and are very happy wth it. Unless your business is writing CMS’ then IMO you are a fool for building one from scratch :stuck_out_tongue:

When it comes to CMS, always my vote goes to DNN (DotNetNuke). its the best CMS with the highest help available on net so you get almost every solution for it.

SureCMS is a good solution for small and large projects.

That’s the SureComponents Software website.

You can use DNN, so many features needs time to get use to it

I second this guy, their is a boatload of documentation on DNN, including books from well known publishers. Can’t say that about other ASP.NET CMS’s.

Surprised no one mentioned mojoPortal

We use Umbraco its an open source .NET CMS which we find very flexible to create custom plugins both for the front end and the UI section of the site.

Newbie here, all around newb. What is the point of CMS? Would you use this when you want to allow other people to add content to your website without doing any hard coding?

We have just started using the ASP.Net Webnodes from It looks very promising. They have a free version.